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Nextbook on Levi Okunov

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Jennifer Bleyer, founding publisher of Heeb and now a NY Times staff writer, has a wonderful piece about Levi Okunov up on Nextbook: Okunov is seen as a model not just for having transcended his story, but for having incorporated it into a larger story without abandoning it completely. The standard narrative of lapsed religious [...]

Rampin’ up for the big night

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Check out Diwon and Smadar getting ready for tonight’s big show!

The Finished Product

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Evan Tapper has just sent over the work he created while in residency last week at the Jewish Museum. It is called “Sheh-asani Kirtzono,” in reference to the blessing recited by women in the morning prayer service thanking God for creating them “according to His will,” as opposed to the men’s blessing thanking God for [...]

Yesterday began the second week of Off the Wall. To kick things off, I sat down with Levi Okunov and Diwon to ask them about what they’ll be working on this week at the museum, and how their experiences have been thus far. Levi Okunov

Catching up with LoVid & Evan Tapper

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With their week-long residency at the Jewish Museum coming to a close, I though it’d be nice to catch up with LoVid and Evan Tapper to discuss how their stay at the Museum went and to learn a bit about the works they created in their time here. LoVid Evan Tapper

Chag Pink Purim

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I must confess, I’ve been a bad blogger. Life sometimes just doesn’t let you do all the things you wish you could get done in a day. There’s so much to say about the wonderful events that have transpired at the Museum over the last two weeks, and I kind of missed the boat on [...]

A poem by Jake Marmer

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Jake Marmer, publisher of the poetry journal Mimaamakim, was kind enough to send along the following poem, which he shared with the audience at yesterday’s poetry slam. Modern Dance What’s natural is our constipated/infantile awkwardness who says dancing needs to be smooth or graceful what’s this a ballet? or the three cocktail hip hop blare [...]

Off the Wall artists in the press

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Diwon, photo by Set​h Kus​hne​r & Guy​ Ema​nue​l I must say, this past week has been great on the PR front for various artists participating in the Off the Wall exhibit. Diwon (a.k.a. Erez Safar or the artist formerly known as DJ Handler), who is providing the musical accompaniment for Levi Okunov’s fashion show next [...]

Wham, bam, thank you slam

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Poet Jake Marmer performs at Sunday afternoon’s poetry slam This afternoon’s poetry slam was one of the most fun poetry events I’ve participated in in quite some time. Perhaps it’s because I felt that, even in losing the contest, I’d come away a winner, having shared a stage with poets whom I so admire. But, [...]

Alicia Jo Rabins reinvents the museum tour

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Guests at the Jewish Museum today were treated to a rather unique experience — a musical walking tour of the museum’s permanent collection, hosted by Alicia Jo Rabins, violinist for the klez-punk powerhouse Golem and an accomplished classically-trained musician and poet in her own right. The “curation” was set to a composition by Alicia Jo [...]

This 2-week open studio project features 11 artists in fashion, music, performance art and video. One regular admission ticket gets you in Sunday - Thursday to watch works-in-progress, meet artists, and attend concerts, salons, runway show, poetry slam, and parties.

March 16-27, 2008
Sun-Wed 11am-5:45pm, Thu 11am-Midnight

Buy tickets
Week 1: March 16 - 20
Week 2: March 23 - 27
One regular admission gets you in all week to watch works in progress, meet artists, attend parties, and more.

The Jewish Museum
1109 Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street
New York, NY 10128
More photos in Off the Wall: Artists at Work

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