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Alicia Jo Rabins

In: Artists, Downloadables, March 16-20

Girls in Trouble is a contemporary song cycle composed by Alicia Jo Rabins in the voices of ancient women. Drawing on the some of the darker Bible stories, these original songs depict matriarchs young and old in dangerous situations: alone with an enemy general, stricken with leprosy, stranded on top of a mountain, or threatened [...]

Danielle Abrams

In: Artists, March 23-27

On Sunday, March 23 (12-3pm), Danielle Abrams will perform the character “Uncle Bob” in a variety/talk show in the Museum’s Scheuer Auditorium.  Uncle Bob is based on Abrams’s grandfather, a social director (“tummler”) at a Jewish community in the Catskills and also reflects the artist’s multiple identities: a black, Jewish, butch lesbian granddaughter.  Guests on “The [...]

Alina & Jeff Bliumis

In: Artists, March 16-20

American Dream (2007-2008) is part of an ongoing, community-based public art project that explores migration, displacement, and assimilation through dialogue and interactions with strangers. The first version of American Dream was made in a bookstore in the heavily Russian-Jewish community of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Against the backdrop of books and films, each participant held up [...]


In: Artists, March 23-27

Diwon transforms the gallery into a recording studio to layer his own music collection with radio excerpts from the Museum’s National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting.  During his residency he will create a new composition entitled “That Yemenite Kid.” The artist’s stage name refers to the Yemenite diwan, a book of devotional songs recited on the Sabbath and at [...]


In: Artists, March 16-20

The artist duo LoVid works to develop Retzuot, a mixed-media project inspired by prayer shawls and tefillin, a ritual object comprised of two boxes containing parchment inscribed with biblical verses bound to worshippers by leather straps. Retzuot features handmade hardware, video-generating sculptural synthesizers, hand-sewn and knotted patchworks, and a media performance featuring live abstract video [...]

Levi Okunov

In: Artists, March 23-27

Fashion designer Levi Okunov is one of the fashion industry’s rising stars.  His Fall 2008 line, which features pieces inspired by The Jewish Museum’s renowned Torah Art and Hanukkah lamp collections, incorporates materials such as velvet and parchment to suggest textures and forms associated with traditional Judaica.  The lining of several pieces feature stenciled and [...]

Melissa Shiff

In: Artists, March 23-27

Melissa Shiff will create JAMS: The Jewish Animated Mandala Series using the Hebrew God’s seven names and imagery from the museum’s traditional Judaica collection. A hybrid of traditional calligraphic mizrachs, Jewish ritual objects that orient the worshipper towards Jerusalem, and Tibetan mandalas, symbols of the universe that aid in meditation, Shiff will daily create and [...]


In: Artists, March 16-20

Socalled transforms the gallery into a recording studio to compose Pink Hamentashen, a collection of queer-themed party music inspired by Purim, the holiday that celebrates the heroics of Queen Esther who hid her Jewishness and then revealed it in order to save Persian Jewry. Purim is a carnival in which revelers honor Esther’s feats by [...]

Evan Tapper

In: Artists, March 16-20

Evan Tapper’s video She’asani Kirtzono, is titled after the morning prayer for girls that thanks God for “making me according to Your will”—a benediction that the artist found misogynistic as a Hebrew school student. Using a split screen, Tapper recites a monologue on one side, and features a series of female J-Date profiles on the [...]

This 2-week open studio project features 11 artists in fashion, music, performance art and video. One regular admission ticket gets you in Sunday - Thursday to watch works-in-progress, meet artists, and attend concerts, salons, runway show, poetry slam, and parties.

March 16-27, 2008
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