Here’s what some JM visitors had to say about Off the Wall

“Fascinating! [Melissa Shiff's Postmodern Jewish] Wedding is wonderful juxtaposition of modern and meaningful tradition.” –Gertrude Levy

[On Melissa Shiff] “Fabulous imagery, thank you for sharing your gift.” –G. Jara Marinwood

 ”What a wonderful and generous idea to allow the public to watch artists during the process of creation and let them discover how hard it is…art is love.”

–Xanou, Monaco

“Great and fun and interesting!” –Robert

“Exciting…although I don’t think I understood it so well!” –Elise, Stockholm

“Inspired to create–thank you.” –Arlene

“Color at last!” –Lisa, Darien, CT

“Fabulous. All art classes in NYC schools especially Hebrew Day Schools from elementary school and older should be exposed and INSPIRED by the CREATIVITY.” –MSW, Englewood, NJ

“For Levi Okunov: It was great meeting the artist–you are very creative and lovely. Good luck” –Miriam and Zelda

“Re: Socalled, the tunes are incredible…keep up the good work!” –Alex

“What a wonderful visual experience, and what a wondeful interactive experience!” –Ellen

“Off the wall indeed. Keep doing this.”

“To Levi and the curators from The Jewish Museum: Fabulous. My compliments on an excellent show.” –Prof. S. Gradman

Thank you to all our visitors for your helpful feedback!

The Off the Wall Team