Levi Okunov launched his Fall 2008 Collection at the Closing Night Party to an enthusiastic, sweaty crowd. Levi drew inspiration from the Museum’s extensive collection of Torah crowns and Hanukkah lamps. Garment materials include Torah mantle velvet, parchment, hand-painted organza, and parachute fabric silkscreened with Rumi love poetry in English, Yiddish, and Arabic. Kudos to Almog for hair, Linda Mason for makeup, Sascha Ascher and Rita Ackermann for hand-painted fabrics, and Kaethe Wenzel for crowns. Melissa Shiff and Diwon, also artists-in-residence during Off the Wall, collaborated with Levi respectively with projected video mandalas and a live score. Afterparty included performances by Diwon (premiering “That Yemenite Kid,” his Off the Wall project), Smadar, Miriam Zafri, and Y-Love. All photos courtesy of Adrian Nina.  More after the jump. img_2738.jpgimg_2753.jpgimg_2779.jpgimg_2788.jpgimg_2800.jpgimg_2810.jpgimg_2818.jpgimg_2828.jpgimg_2831.jpgimg_2839.jpgimg_2849.jpgimg_2867.jpgimg_2874.jpgimg_2884.jpgimg_2890.jpgimg_2903.jpgimg_2927.jpgimg_2928.jpgimg_2938.jpgimg_2941.jpg