I encourage you wholeheartedly to check out Uncle Bob’s Variety Show! The talk show that is all about endurance —- runs on & on Sunday, March 23 from 12pm-3pm. Inspired by the archival footage researched at the Jewish Museum’s Media Center (thanks to Andrew Ingall), our show is part Milton Berle’s Buick Hour / part David Susskind Show addressing “How to Be a Jewish Son” / part Seinfeld episode: Kramer finds the Merv Griffin set / part “Your Mama Don’t Dance”. Our line up includes a cast of EXTRAORDINARY GROUP of ECLECTIC EVERYBODYs. Folks who will display their talents, brilliance, and wares, and then sit down for a bagel, a schmear, and some real-time conversation. Our guests include:

  • Ethel Chen, President of American Chinese Women’s Association and TV Producer of the Ethel Chen Show.
  • Arthur Cohen, a NY painter with works at the Whitney Museum and the Dallas Musuem of Art
  • Dr. Neal Hoffman, the medical director of a network of school-based health centers in the Bronx that provides access to primary care and mental health services to Bronx school children.
  • Tarique Williams, who is 11 years old and wants to be a Pediatrician although his parents want him to be a banker.
  • Sterling Hudson, the director of the feature length documentary, Mulatto: Mixed Race in America
  • Steven Ben Israel, stand-up comedian, former member of The Living Theater, and winner of a 2007 Obie Award
  • Baba Israel, Steven Israel’s son, a Hip Hop artist, street performer, and art educator
  • Patricia Lewy, the multilingual proprietor of Gentle Souls: Loving & Reliable Animal Care
  • Ruth Beesch, the Deputy Director for Programs at the Jewish Museum and an amateur equestrian.
  • Pamela Sneed, award winning performance poet, actress, and author
  • Glenn Marla, winner of the Miss Lower East Side Title in 2006, and described by the NY Times as “an obese transvestite in tights”
  • Christine De La Rosa, a Southern, Latina techno-geek, queer, dyke, lesbian, Femme living in Texas who works to promote awareness in the queer community
  • Tommy Mintz, who has toured Manhattan Island with ulcerative colitis, and invented the NYC Public Toilet Map (which will be sold for the first time ever to our audience at the Uncle Bob Variety Show)
  • Sophie Mintz, flamenco dancer fabulosa and an ergocise specialist
  • Bobby Aduna, founder of Chrysalis Flower Essences and a frequent presenter on The Gary Null Show
  • Maureen Connor, a NY installation artist who has explored gender and its modes of representation since the 197os.
  • Erin Riley-Lopez, Assistant Curator at the Bronx Museum of the Arts and tap dancer extraordinaire.
  • Joanna Montoya, Curatorial Program Coordinator at The Jewish Museum and former classmate of Erin Riley-Lopez.
  • Nicole Caruth, Interpretive Materials Manager at The Brooklyn Museum and the founder of Contemporary Confections.blogspot.com. Former classmate of Erin and Joanna.
  • Stephanie Abrams, Bob’s daughter and Danielle and Lauren Abrams’ mother. She is a yoga instructor and part-time guidance counselor.
  • Eddie Abrams, a retiree from the US Postal Service and Teamsters Union. An up and coming painter with a flair for controversy.
  • Lauren Abrams, Uncle Bob’s sister loves reading, Central Park, the beach, snowboarding and bike riding.
  • Gary Belkin, Uncle Bob’s son, who is a professor and former psychotherapist.

…and anybody else who we meet before the show! Don’t miss out.

And come and have a one-on-one exchange with Bob at the Purim Party, Thursday, March 20 at 9pm. Bob’s personal paparazzo (Tommy Mintz) will be in tow taking snapshots and printing out YOUR PHOTO with Uncle BobUncle Bob and Erin Riley Lopez (photo taken by Tommy Mintz)