danielleabramsbrac-small-2.jpg12-3 pm, Sunday, March 23

Danielle Abrams will perform the character “Uncle Bob” in a variety/talk show in the Museum’s Scheuer Auditorium.  Uncle Bob is based on Abrams’s grandfather, a social director (”tummler”) at a Jewish community in the Catskills and also reflects the artist’s multiple identities: a black, Jewish, butch lesbian granddaughter.  Guests on “The Uncle Bob Show” may include an opera singer, a flower essence specialist, a challah baker, and Museum staff with special talents or skills.

Danielle Abrams is a performance artist of Jewish and African-American descent who has presented her work at the Bronx Museum of Art, the Queens Museum of Art, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, WOW Cafe, Dixon Place, The Kitchen, Galapagos, and at Ladyfest East. Abrams is a New York Foundation of the Arts Fellow and has been awarded by the Urban Artist Initiative. Lisa Bloom wrote about her work in Jewish Identities in U.S. Feminist Art: Ghosts of Ethnicity (Routledge 2006).