Evan TapperEvan Tapper’s video She’asani Kirtzono, is titled after the morning prayer for girls that thanks God for “making me according to Your will”—a benediction that the artist found misogynistic as a Hebrew school student. Using a split screen, Tapper recites a monologue on one side, and features a series of female J-Date profiles on the other. The video references the division of men and women in traditional worship and the alienating effects of his early religious education.

Completed Work on View

Describing his video and animation work, Tapper claims he is “motivated by a desperate need to make sense of a chaotic and confusing world.” Using references from pop culture to religion, biotechnology to feminist theory, he artfully navigates the topics that terrify him.

In It’s OK Michael, Tapper goes back in time to help a high school bully; in Self-Portrait as a Teletubby the artist’s chest is a blank slate for reflecting on the art process; in Lot the artist considers a biblical tale and its parallels to his personal history; in Self-Portrait as a Tortured Artist (with Positive Feedback) he humorously mocks the cliché of an artist; and in Cold Heart Tapper deals with the pain and transience of memory.

Evan Tapper was born in Winnipeg and currently works and lives in Toronto. Tapper’s video, animation, installation, and performance work has been shown in festivals and exhibitions around the world, including the Royal Ontario Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Tate Modern, and Center for Contemporary Art in Kitakyushu, Japan.