DiwonDiwon transforms the gallery into a recording studio to layer his own music collection with radio excerpts from the Museum’s National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting.  During his residency he will create a new composition entitled “That Yemenite Kid.” The artist’s stage name refers to the Yemenite diwan, a book of devotional songs recited on the Sabbath and at Jewish life cycle events. In collaboration with vocalist Smadar, Diwon premieres his new work at the Thursday night closing party for Off the Wall on March 27.

The lounge features laptops for visitor use, as well as mp3 players containing tracks by Diwon and Broadcast Archive selections that include audio material collected and edited by American reporter Arthur Holzman during the early years of Israeli statehood.

Diwon is a multicultural maestro who produces a mix of Yemenite and Sephardic music blended with electro/hip-hop beats. He frequently collaborates with non-electronic musicians, fusing live and recorded sound. He has performed with Lou Reed, Anthony Coleman, Daniel Carter, DJ Spooky, Matisyahu, MC Paul Barman, Idan Raichel, and others.