Alicia Jo RabinsGirls in Trouble is a contemporary song cycle composed by Alicia Jo Rabins in the voices of ancient women. Drawing on the some of the darker Bible stories, these original songs depict matriarchs young and old in dangerous situations: alone with an enemy general, stricken with leprosy, stranded on top of a mountain, or threatened to be sacrificed by a father. On March 16 Rabins and her acoustic ensemble will offer a live musical tour of the museum’s permanent exhibition Culture and Continuity: The Jewish Journey, highlighting objects that resonate with Girls in Trouble themes. For those unable to experience the live tour, you can download the podcast of the tour from this website.

Alicia Jo Rabins is a classically-trained violinist who performs in an encyclopedic range of fiddling styles including klezmer, folk, punk, and rock. She is one of a growing number of young musicians who, searching for an alternative to the commercialization of today’s popular music, have returned to acoustic, handmade music. She is a member of Golem, a band that reinterprets traditional Gypsy and klezmer tunes with a rock edge, and an accomplished poet.